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How to setup your Internet Browser
to read Russian Cyrillic

In order to read Russian Cyrillic, you have to
  • have the Cyrillic fonts installed on your computer;
  • install the proper Cyrillic fonts for the use in your browser.

There are several basic TrueType fonts which are used for MS Windows, but we prefer the most common and frequently used Cyrillic font - TTF Cyrillic CP-1251

Some web sites rely on KOI8 (also called KOI8-R) Cyrillic font widely ised in the UNIX environment (KOI is abbreviation of the Russian phrase: "kod obmyena informatsiyey")


MS Internet Explorer Microsoft Internet Explorer

Go to View | Options menu items, and select proportional and fixed fonts from the combo-boxes on the bottom of the property sheet. If you have installed Cyrillic support for Windows 95, press International button and select Cyrillic language support as a default option.

More information and details on using Cyrillic with MS Windows and other platforms:

[ v ] Microsoft's Cyrillic Help Page

Nescape Navigator Netscape 

Go to Options | General Preferences menu items, and click on Fonts tab. Press Choose Font buttons and select Cyrillic proportional and fixed fonts that you have for each - and press OK button.

You can get a complete Russian Solution Pack that includes a Russian keyboard, a set of Russian fonts and a manual on how to setup the Russian language on your system

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