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The Universal Russian Cyrillic
Code Page Converter for Windows

Advantages of Using Russian Cyrillic Code Page Converter:

  • WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get!" ) and KISS** ("keep it simple, stupid!") user interface;
  • Multiple Document Interface (MDI) allows you to open, edit and convert your documents instantly,   "on fly", as you change them;
  • offers Batch Conversion, converts multiple files with just one click! (this unique feature is NOT available from other vendors);
  • if you are editing Web pages, you can preview them in a Web Browser with one mouse click only!
  • separate font settings for each encoding, so you can easily view and change the content of the pages;
  • you can automatically add your own extensions for each converted file;
  • uses "smart" replacements for characters that are not supported in some character sets, or you can select your own character for replacement;
  • easy to use interface, with a few button clicks you receive a complete set of Cyrillic pages ready to publish on the Web;
  • uses ActiveX components;
  • much faster than other converters available;
  • convert text files of any size!

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